Redcliffe Capital is a venture capital and special situation investment firm. Our teams in London and Delhi have extensive experience and a successful track record of investing from our own book and fundraising in mid-cap to large businesses across multiple sectors globally. Our philosophy is to work closely with founders and sponsors of these businesses to drive value creation and governance, ensuring compliance and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

A targeted average lifecycle of our project can last around 4-5 years, starting from project identification and due diligence, investments, future fundraising rounds and onto full execution. We are specialised in leveraged buyout activities, principal proprietary investments, seed and early stage investment and investment banking activities for structured finance situations.

Redcliffe Capital was founded in 2008 during the turmoil of the financial markets to change the game within investment and innovation.  The firm is run by experts across various sectors, leveraging our team’s expertise and innovative thinking to predict future market opportunities and accelerate their potential.

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